About the Therapist

Mary Gavin Cantillo is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) who specializes in working with school aged children and their families, particularly gifted children. Having worked at Pine View School for the gifted for more than ten years, Mary is intimately aware of the challenges facing gifted children and their families, as well as the academic demands

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About Skills Based Counseling

At Skills Based Counseling we understand the joys and challenges of raising children today. Balancing academic demands, extracurricular activities, household responsibilities, relationships and unsettling times can be exhausting.

We can help you and your family navigate through emotional times, family changes, school or

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At Skills Based Counseling Counseling we believe the key to wellness involves helping individuals learn to identify and understand their emotions while providing skills to respond to and manage those emotions effectively. Ultimately this results in improved communication skills and interpersonal relationships.

A variety of therapeutic techniques are used in this practice including

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